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Brandon Nadeau is an award winning author, Canadian Army veteran, and editor at MoonLit Getaway.

Brandon was born and raised in Northern BC. At nineteen, he joined the Canadian Army and moved to Alberta, where he lives today. His stories are inspired by his childhood, his tours to Afghanistan, and his return to civilian life as a combat veteran. 

Brandon's fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in The Antigonish Review, NōD Magazine, Shift: A Journal of Literary Oddities, and others. His Short Story, "Death on Rotation," won the Gloria Sawaii Award for Creative Writing.

Brandon's collection-in-progress is a composite of connected short stories, touching on themes of combat, PTSD, family, love, and betrayal. His favourite authors include Ted Chiang, Cormac  McCarthy, Toni Morrison, and Douglas Adams. 

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